Flooring and beds retailer trials new shopping experience

Franchised flooring and beds retailer United Carpets and Beds is trialling a new shopping experience.

The Crewe store, which has been locally owned and managed by Eddie Davies since 2010, is trialling a “quiet hour” shopping experience for customers, aimed at people who need a “less busy or low-sensory environment” to shop.

The trial will take place after usual store hours on a Tuesday and will be by appointment only at the Nantwich Road location.

Commenting on the initiative, Eddie said: “Our new ‘Quiet Hour’ is now available. Do you need a quieter, calmer shopping experience?

“Every Tuesday from 6pm-7pm, we are available after the usual store hours, to open by appointment for people who need a less busy or low-sensory environment to browse. Our radio will be switched off and lights reduced where possible, and no other customers will be in the store.

“If Tuesdays are not convenient for you, please let us know and we’ll see if we can arrange something else.”

If the trial proves a success, the business plans to introduce the scheme as a permanent appointment-only system.

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