Extreme Lounging launches new outdoor furniture range

West Yorkshire-based furnishings manufacturer Extreme Lounging, known for its B-Bags, has announced the launch of its new outdoor furniture collection.

Designed inhouse by its team, the new range is made from a specially crafted outdoor fabric and designed to look and feel like an indoor sofa set.

“It will also come with an outdoor cover as standard for the winter months making it both stylish and practical,” says Joe Shrimpton, Managing Director at Extreme Lounging.

“Being a UK manufacturer, we are seeing more confidence from buyers. They know they can rely on our team for a quick turnaround. It also gives them more flexibility with orders and timelines reducing the need to wait for overseas containers.

“For many of our retailers, the Made in Britain stamp is an important aspect to them as it signifies quality assurance.”

Extreme Lounging began with a range of B-Bags and now stocks a large selection of lifestyle products in leading UK retailers. From outdoor furniture to lights and a huge range of cushions.

From its factory in Keighley, Extreme Lounging manufactures a large product line including B-Bags, B-Bed, B-Hammock, B-Bolster, B-Pad and B-Cushions. In fact, the group of businesses of which Extreme Lounging is a part of is one of the leading cushion suppliers in the market.

“The idea for Extreme Lounging began when my brother needed a bean bag,” Joe said. “Turning to our dad, who owns JTS Cushions, we designed and manufactured a one-of-a-kind beanbag. This unique product proved so popular that friends and family asked if they could purchase one. Seeing a market we soon began designing a range of B-Bags for both indoor and outdoor use. Soon after, the brand, Extreme Lounging was born.”

The B-Bag was designed to be “different, fun and incredibly comfy”. The original brief was for a beanbag that had a back, making it possible to lounge and relax at university. “I added extra embellishments, double stitching, durable fabrics and by using water and UV-resistant materials, an outdoor version was born,” Joe said.

With its headquarters at JTS Cushions in Keighley, Extreme Lounging has seen substantial growth in the business, team and product range. Investment in manufacturing equipment has allowed the brand to improve quality while controlling costs.

“We have enjoyed year-on-year order growth as more retailers prioritise domestic delivery. Within three to five days of ordering, a retailer can receive stock directly from our UK factory,” Joe said. “This means retailers can order as and when stock is sold.”

Made in the UK and enjoyed around the world, B-Bags and other Extreme Lounging products are now being exported throughout Europe and the United Arab Emirates. “With the growth in distribution and product range, we cannot wait to show you the latest instalment in the Extreme Lounging story,” Joe added. “Visit us at SOLEX, lounge on our incredibly comfy furniture and experience the Extreme Lounging brand for yourself.”


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