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Kevin Slade, Director of Growth at DUXIANA, reflects on the previous year while sharing an insight on what is to come during 2024.

It has been some year for Swedish bed and furniture manufacturer DUXIANA. The company has made strides in a number of its global markets, including here in the UK, while also expanding its partner programme offering and product range too.

“It has been a mixed year globally,” says Kevin Slade, Director of Growth at DUXIANA. “Some of our markets, like the UK for example, have held strong and continued to grow, whilst others have found it tougher with a down turn in economies. In general, I would say it’s been business as usual and we’ve continuing to deliver our strategy of growth. It’s been a really positive year for us.”

One element of success for DUXIANA has been its DUX Partner Programme. The company has expanded in new markets, which includes Italy and Spain, while the UK has also seen significant steps made in securing new relationships. As touched upon in a recent article, the benefits of being a DUX partner, from whether you’re a retailer or hotelier, to even a professional athlete, are there to be seen from existing partner results. Just look at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’s form. Ok, the new direction of an Aussie at the wheel and a slight refresh in the squad might have something to do with it, but the foundation of sleep, rest and recovery plays a big part too. And that’s where being a DUX partner has paid dividends, both on and off the pitch.

This particular partnership has seen every Spurs player kitted out with a DUX Bed, both at home and at the training ground, while the players also got to learn about the products DUXIANA provides, as well as the benefits of its unique customisable comfort zone system, called Pascal, which is proven to help improve sleep.

“The expansion of our markets via the DUX Partner Programme, including the launch in Italy and Spain along with steps to increase the UK, has been really positive and we’re always looking to develop these partnerships further,” Kevin said. “The Tottenham Hotspur collaboration has had a very positive impact on business and the wider programme of what our partners can get from us.

“We see the Tottenham Hotspur partnership as more than just to supply our products but one that sees two iconic brands come together that are steeped in history, focussed on health and wellbeing, and dedicated to sustainability. Our primary focus is to play our part in helping this great team achieve its goals.”

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And if you fancy sleeping like a Spurs star, DUXIANA has partnered up with more than 150 prestigious hotels globally and even offers a discount to guests wanting to take the DUX experience home. Here in the UK, the Arran Hotel in St Andrews, Fife, is a good place to spot a DUX – both its beds and furniture.

Moving from partnerships to products, DUXIANA’s staple, the DUX Bed, has continued to deliver consistent growth. Its unique spring system has been designed to last many years, and is actually guaranteed against breakage for 20 years, but very often lasts beyond 30 years, which boosts its sustainable credentials too, with it being a renewable design. Highest-quality materials coupled with over 90+ years of heritage of Swedish craftsmanship result in a bed made to last.

With the DUX Bed being comprised of customisable components, Pascal is the star of the show. Their patented Cassette System was named in honour of the French physicist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal. A “pascal” is an international unit of measure for pressure, and in DUX’s case, a measure of the precise pressure required by each spring to support a resting body of a particular size, shape and weight.

“Our Pascal system of interchangeable spring cassettes allows you to customise your side of the bed individually. Our goal is to ensure the optimal support and comfort without comprises,” Kevin said. “The cassettes are designed to fit body types and body parts, so they do not only accommodate the difference in weight and height, but in shoulder width, hip density, and musculature. While you may need firmer bed support under your lower back, your partner may need more flexibility to achieve proper spinal alignment.”

On the furniture side, DUXIANA recently announced the launch of four armchairs in new sheepskin upholstery, which is tailor-made for the Jetson, Anita, Domus and Spider models, reflecting DUX’s commitment to offering exclusive craftsmanship and iconic design. It goes without saying, the products look like you’re about to fall into a cloud of comfort. “The models are meticulously crafted in collaboration with some of the most prominent names in architecture and design,” Kevin said.

“Since the launch late last year, these models have been really well received and offer another level of luxury that the DUX brand is known for. We’re excited to see the growth of these models, which also marks the beginning of a busy period ahead for us.”

Remaining tight-lipped on what that actually means for now, Kevin revealed that 2024 will be a year of growth in every aspect of the business. “We have a very exciting and busy 2024 ahead with further retail expansions, two new amazing collaboration projects and the launch of a brand new product collection. However, this is still under wraps but we will be sharing news on this very soon, so watch this space is all I can say for now!”

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