CIFF Guangzhou 2024 a “record-breaking edition”

Organisers of CIFF Guangzhou have revealed recording the highest number of exhibitors and visitors in its history.

This success rewarded the strategy of CIFF, an ever-evolving exhibition event with a key role in the development of the global furniture industry, promoting design and innovation, boosting consumption, and fostering international furniture trade.

A total area measuring 850,000 square metres; 4,700 exhibitors, 11.8% more than the all-time pre-pandemic peak in 2019; 363,449 trade visitors, 22.06% more than in 2019, including 51,205 international visitors from 178 countries, an increase of as much as +43.11% compared to 2019.

Record-breaking numbers were recorded last March at the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou, further solidifying CIFF’s position as one of the world’s largest furniture fairs.

The 53rd CIFF Guangzhou 2024 showed four major improvements in terms of scale, product range, offering quality, and business opportunities, providing a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in design, discover the novel aspects of furniture Made in China and its business potential, and create solid, profitable business relationships between professionals from all over the world and increasingly qualified exhibitors.

Divided into two phases for an exhibition event lasting a total of eight days, the 53rd CIFF Guangzhou 2024 represented the entire supply chain of the furniture industry.

“We witnessed an increasingly international event, both in terms of the impressive visitor and exhibitor attendance figures and in terms of trends and quality standards,” CIFF said. “The exhibition comprised even better-designed booths offering products of growing sophistication in terms of materials and details, responding perfectly to recent market demands.

“Visitors were met with an extremely wide range of exhibitions, lectures, and forums involving famous designers, journalists, and curators. This not only created an efficient communication platform positioned to lead the development of new trends but also provided important networking opportunities, facilitating fruitful exchanges and forging valuable collaborations.

“CIFM/interzum Guangzhou 2024 was a high-level event focused on the supply chain, presenting cutting-edge solutions in the production of machinery, materials, and components indispensable for the increasingly smart evolution of the furniture industry.”

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