British luxury homeware brand partners with TV Personality

British luxury homeware brand, Rowen, is excited to announce its latest collaboration with British TV personality Olivia Attwood, unveiling a stunning new bedroom collection that epitomises laidback luxury.

Rowen has become a leader in creating interior-designed spaces that are both achievable and affordable. Since its inception in 2020, the brand has gained a significant following, captivating the hearts of many with its elegant designs and quality homeware.

Olivia Attwood, known for her work on Love Island and Loose Women, brings her distinctive style to this partnership, showcasing a bedroom transformation that blends natural elements with plush cream velvet and boucle fabrics, accented with luxurious bronze details.

Olivia shared her excitement about the collaboration: “I am absolutely thrilled with my new bedroom from Rowen. The space feels so serene and luxurious, yet incredibly comfortable. The cream velvet and boucle fabrics are just divine, and the statement bronze mirrors add that perfect touch of glamour. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

After an initial design visit, Rowen Homes’ interior designers worked closely with Olivia to bring her vision to life. The result is a sophisticated, neutral space that perfectly captures the essence of laidback luxury.

Josie Ellis, Rowen’s Interior Designer, expressed her delight in the project: “Working with Olivia was an absolute pleasure. We aimed to create a space that reflects her chic yet relaxed style. The combination of natural elements, plush cream fabrics, and bronze accents has resulted in a truly stunning bedroom. Seeing Olivia’s reaction was incredibly rewarding, and we loved every moment of the creative process.”

Josie also shared some tips for those looking to recreate the laidback luxe look at home: “The laidback luxe look is all about balancing comfort with style. Start with a neutral palette and incorporate natural elements like wooden accents or woven textiles. Adding plush fabrics such as cream velvet or boucle can elevate the space, making it feel both cosy and sophisticated. Bronze accents can provide that touch of glamour without overwhelming the serenity of the room.”

For those looking to save, Josie suggests upgrading your cushions and accessories: “We chose cream velvet cushions with bronze detailing for Olivia’s room. When styling, opt for a mix of sizes and textures to add depth. Feather-filled cushions can achieve that coveted, premium ‘chopped’ look. Opt for neutral ornaments and candles layered on coffee table books for a sophisticated, polished feel.”

For those who want a full transformation, Josie highlights the importance of a statement headboard: “In Olivia’s bedroom, we designed a new headboard with sumptuous cream velvet and channel detailing. It’s extra-wide, but low profile so it’s perfect for loft rooms or slanted ceilings. It truly transforms the space into a luxurious retreat.”

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