BekaertDeslee and Resortecs reveal cover recycling partnership

BekaertDeslee, a leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of mattress textiles and mattress covers, has announced a new partnership with Resortecs, an award-winning company leading the circular transition in the textile industry with design-for-disassembly technology.

The partnership will offer a revolutionary solution for cover recycling, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Today, less than 1% of textiles are effectively recycled. When a finished product is comprised of multiple components, recycling becomes more challenging. The fabric may be single material, but other components (like labels) prevent it from being recyclable. This is the case for mattresses and especially for textile covers. Mixed materials end up being incinerated, which causes a high carbon emission.

The partnership between BekaertDeslee and Resortecs will offer a revolutionary, unique, cost-efficient solution that allows the sorting of recyclable materials, reduces waste, and lowers each other’s carbon footprint. With Resortecs’ Smart Stitch™ heat-dissolvable threads, the two companies will bring to the market the first multi-material covers designed for industrial-scale disassembly and recycling. The cover parts are sewn together during confection with Smart Stitch™, and at end-of-life, they can be disassembled using Resortecs’ low-emission Smart Disassembly™ systems.

This way, it’s possible to separate the mixed and mono materials in different recycling streams. As a result, more fabrics can be recycled, avoiding incineration, and lowering the carbon footprint.

Frédéric Beucher, CEO at BekaertDeslee, said: “We are in full acceleration of developing circular solutions for the bedding industry. We take a holistic and comprehensive approach to make the full circularity process work. By using Smart Stitch™ of Resortecs we can separate complex products in pure and thus higher quality waste streams. This promotes design flexibility and creativity, while not compromising recycling options.”

Cédric Vanhoeck, CEO at Resortecs, said: “Resortecs is thrilled to work with BekaertDeslee! We’ve always wanted to take our design-for-disassembly technology beyond the fashion universe, but we knew that we could only do so with a global industry leader that shares our commitment to innovation and circularity. The Resortecs and BekaertDeslee teams have worked hard to bring Smart Stitch™ to the sleep industry. We cannot wait to see the first mattress covers designed for recycling landing on the market.”

The partnership between Resortecs and BekaertDeslee marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a sustainable future for the textile industry. The two companies will continue to collaborate and develop innovative solutions that promote sustainability and reduce waste.

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