Bedroom furniture and carpet searches high during July

UK searches of furniture during July were increased with the topic of bedroom furniture proving to be the stand out performer.

According to Google search data analysed by Big Furniture Group, three days during July 2023 saw ‘furniture’ searches record an index score of 90 or more, while a score over 80 came in at 10 days. The first weekend of the month saw the highest number of searches, with Sunday 2nd July scoring 100.

Google index’s its search data to 100. This means where 100 is the maximum search interest for the term selected, it is the highest value and indicates a high internet search.

The results saw related searches of bedroom furniture a popular search, with ‘bedroom furniture’ up by 60%, while the term ‘bedroom set’ was also up 60%. Furniture Village searches rose 110%, while ‘John Lewis bedroom furniture’ searches increased 160%. HSL also saw a sharp rise of searches by 200%, while Fairway Furniture, Sofology, Oak Furnitureland, ScS, Laura Ashley, Lucas Furniture, Sterling Furniture and DFS were other popular brand searches. As for product related searches, ‘ottoman’, ‘white bedroom furniture’, ‘nursery furniture’ and ‘TV stand’ were notable searches.

Other search terms Big Furniture Group reviewed included mattresses, bedroom furniture, dining furniture, living room furniture, sofas, soft furnishings and flooring.


Mattress searches recorded two peak dates with an index score value of 90 or more. The highest searched date was 30th July with a full score of 100. Related brand searches saw Harrison Spinks, Vispring, Simba, Emma Sleep and Silentnight top the list, while the terms ‘mattress store near me’ and ‘adjustable bed’ were high performing searches. The term ‘folding bed with mattress’ saw a rise in search queries by 70%, followed by ‘soft mattress topper’, up 50%, while ‘kids single mattress’ searches also increased 40%.

Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture searches recorded two days of peak activity with an index value over 90. The highest searched date was 22nd July with a full score of 100. Popular brand searches included John Lewis, Sharps and Furniture Village. As for related queries, ‘ready assembled bedroom furniture’ was the stand out performer with searches up 130%, along with ‘pine bedroom furniture’, up 60%.

Dining furniture

Dining furniture searches recorded one day of peak activity with an index value over 90. The most searched day was the 16th July, which scored a full 100. Popular brand searches included ScS, Sterling Furniture, Next, Furniture Village, Homesense, Furniture and Choice, and Oak Furnitureland. The term ‘velvet fabric’ saw a rise in searches by 190%, while ‘dining room furniture’ also showed strong searches, up 60%.

Living room furniture

Living room furniture saw two peak days during the month. The most searched day was 30th July that scored the full 100 score. Popular related searches included Furniture Village, up 160%, along with Habitat and Wayfair, while the terms ‘TV stand’ and ‘storage cabinet’ were up in searches by 250% and 150% respectively.


Sofa searches saw five peak dates, with the highest score of 100 recorded on 30th July. Popular related searches included ‘tech sofa’, up 130%, ‘green corner sofa’, up 60%, and ‘cloud sofa’, up 60%. As for brands, La-Z-Boy searches rose 180%, while Snug, IKEA, ScS and Habitat performed well.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings searches produced one peak day, with the highest on 29th July, scoring the full 100. The stand out related search term within this category was ‘cushion’, up 120%, while Dunlem was the highest searched brand in this category.

Flooring & Carpets

Flooring searches saw 16 days scoring over 90, with the highest dates being 24th July and 31st July, both scoring the full 100. Carpet searches saw 16 days scoring over 90, with the highest date the 23rd July, scoring the full 100.

Popular brand searches included FlooringUK, Furlong, Carpetright, Topps Tiles, Karndean, United Carpets and ScS. A popular search term, with an increase of 250%, was ‘loop pile carpet’.

How can these stats help?

This data from Google indicates popular searches from multiple categories. Knowing what consumers are searching online can play an advantage into future promotions and general search behaviour. 

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