Bed maker unveils industry first mattress vending machine

Bed manufacturer Silentnight recently conducted an industry first, by unveiling its mattress vending machine.

Named the ‘Dream Machine’ and located in London’s King’s Cross station, the vending machine dispensed boxed mattresses to winning visitors at the press of a button.

In line with the launch, Silentnight revealed results of its recent research, in partnership with and carried out by OnePoll, where it highlighted that 32% of British people are sleeping on a mattress which is ‘well past its best.’

The research also revealed 75% of adults agree you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, while 80% consider a decent mattress to be a good investment.

However, despite acknowledging this, 40% of the 2,000 adults polled said they don’t prioritise quality sleep enough – admitting they should make more effort with this aspect of their health.  Furthermore, the study also found 18% have a mattress which is older than the recommended shelf-life of seven to 10 years.

Around 25% said they haven’t got round to replacing their mattress, while 12% said they ‘couldn’t be bothered’, while 12% admitted they were overwhelmed by the choice of options on the market.

Jason Mcilvenny, senior brand and customer insights manager at Silentnight, which commissioned the research to launch its new Just Sleep collection of rolled and boxed mattresses, said: “Brits know a good mattress plays a key part in getting a good night’s sleep.

“Despite this, our study suggests they might not be prioritising this as much as they perhaps could – with millions putting up with tired mattresses.

“So, we launched the ‘Dream Machine’ to remind time-strapped commuters of the importance of a good mattress for getting a good night’s sleep and how easy and convenient it can be – whilst giving them the chance to pick-up a comfy new mattress for free in an instant.”

Respondents also revealed what they look for in a mattress, with 56% searching for comfort, while 44% took price into account, and for 22%, a firmness type was preferred. More than 14% believe they would struggle to get one upstairs and into their bedroom, while 12% were unsure on delivery times.

Jason added: “With one in five Brits keeping their mattress for longer than the recommended eight years, we wanted to make it easier and more convenient than ever to make sure everyone is getting the quality sleep that they deserve with our new Just Sleep collection.

“There’s so much to choose from when it comes to mattresses that it can be hard to know where to start. We’re hoping our ‘Dream Machine’ shows just how easy it can be to get a quality night’s sleep.”

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