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BCFA rebrands to Commercial Interiors UK

Commercial Interiors UK, is the new name for the BCFA – the UK’s largest trade association representing the commercial interiors sector.

The rebrand comes after an in-depth strategic review ensuring that this highly respected trade association continues to deliver unrivalled support to its members, addressing the business challenges they face, and in doing so, championing issues affecting the commercial interiors sector as a whole.

As Chairwomen, Carolyn Mitchell led the strategic review, and the resulting brand transformation. She said: “It takes courage to question something people are very comfortable with, but as leaders we have to ensure we are fit for the future. As a trade association, our purpose is to lead, inspire and support the growth and global success of the UK’s commercial interiors community, creating a sustainable future for our sector. To do this we must be relevant, inclusive, and representative.”

Commercial Interiors UK, Managing Director, Jeremy Stein added: “We are the only association representing commercial interiors as a whole. Collectively we represent an unrivalled association of businesses and leaders who champion the best of UK interior and product design, and sustainable manufacturing.”

Commercial Interiors UK (CIUK) will be formally rolled out on 14 November 2022, when the current BCFA branding will switch over. The rebrand creates an opportunity for the association to be even louder in sharing knowledge, education and providing business support in everything from exporting to sustainability.

As a creative sector it is always interesting to hear how the new branding was developed. Carolyn Mitchell explains: “As an association it was important for us to review ‘why’ the commercial sector needs an association, and ‘how’ we provide that support. Communication is a fundamental part of what we do, and our research found that ‘Commercial Interiors UK’ as a name had much greater resonance around the world than the BCFA acronym. In order to promote our members effectively, it was vital people understood who we represent.

“The visual branding itself came after the strategic review and has been created with three key pillars in mind: adaptability, vibrancy, and timelessness. The logo development took inspiration from Bauhaus inspired letter forms and monograms. We represent a creative industry, so for me it was important to have a brand that is visually engaging. I am incredibly excited to promote the advancement of UK’s creative talent, and feel we are better prepared to do this with our new branding.”

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