An introduction to SHEPEL’

Alexander Shepel, Luxury Interior Designer and Founder of London-based design studio SHEPEL’, talks about its first UK showroom launch and how it will help solidify the brand in the country.

Bespoke furniture manufacturer and interior design studio SHEPEL’ launched in the UK last year as it looked to secure a foothold in the British market. Just over six months in, we caught up with Alexander Shepel, Luxury Interior Designer and Founder of SHEPEL’, who shared an update on progress here in the UK.

“The SHEPEL’ showroom opened in September 2023, marking its debut in the UK market. Spanning an impressive 120 m², the showroom is situated on the third floor of the North Dome, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. The space is designed as three distinct zones: a living room, a kitchen, and an office space, to allow prospective clients to view our custom pieces in situ.

“The inception of SHEPEL’ is deeply rooted in Ukrainian heritage and a commitment to expert craftsmanship. This unique proposition has resonated with the discerning tastes of the UK audience, who often seek individual, time-tested classics that hold value for years to come.”

And the response has been overwhelmingly positive, as Alexander continues: “SHEPEL’ has received such a positive response. The Harbour is internationally renowned as a hub for its interior design and furniture excellence, offering exposure to some of the world’s best interior designers, architects and fellow design brands, who seem to appreciate SHEPEL’s thoughtfully curated schemes.

“The showroom’s design, resembling a furnished apartment, enables clients to envision how SHEPEL’s furniture seamlessly integrates into various interior settings.”

A key aspect of SHEPEL’ is their ethos on sustainability, as Alexander highlights: “Sustainability is at the forefront of SHEPEL’s ethos, with a commitment to using responsibly sourced, natural wood in its furniture production. The company prioritises suppliers that share its values of environmental stewardship, ensuring that materials meet stringent criteria. Additionally, SHEPEL’ actively contributes to environmental conservation efforts through annual tree-planting initiatives.”

Looking ahead, SHEPEL’ remains focused on solidifying its presence in the UK and expanding its reach on the international stage. “Despite facing various challenges, SHEPEL’s 12-month trading history has proven strong, Alexander said. “The company’s ability to adapt and innovate has enabled us to explore new markets while maintaining strong relationships with existing clients. With numerous projects underway across different locations, SHEPEL’ is poised for sustained growth.

“With strategic plans underway for expansion into key markets such as the USA, particularly New York, and the Gulf countries, especially Dubai, SHEPEL’ is set to establish its presence through new offices and showrooms, catering to a global clientele.

“As the company expands into new territories, we face logistical hurdles, regulatory requirements, and the need to establish local partnerships. However, SHEPEL’ approaches these challenges with diligence and determination, maintaining its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service regardless of location.”

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