Airsprung Group announces restructuring and key appointments

Manufacturer and supplier of beds, headboards, upholstery and converted foam products, Airsprung Group PLC, has announced a strategic restructuring initiative aimed at optimising its operations and harnessing opportunities within the organisation.

This restructuring will see prominent leadership appointments that underscore the company’s commitment to growth and innovation.

Paul Little, who joined Airsprung Group over two years ago, has played a pivotal role in the company’s transformation journey. Under his guidance, Airsprung Beds underwent a comprehensive streamlining process through substantial capital investments and a keen focus on innovation.

In collaboration with Nick Gigg, the Managing Director of Gainsborough, Paul successfully identified and leveraged efficiencies across all the Group’s bed businesses. This collaborative effort resulted in substantial improvements to production and operational processes.

Building upon the foundation of these accomplishments, the next phase of the restructuring will centre on the Sales and Operations functions. Paul Little will assume the role of Sales and Commercial Director for all the bed businesses, a testament to his remarkable track record and his substantial contributions to the success of Airsprung Beds.

“This strategic move empowers the entire Group as Paul and his Sales team gain access to the Gainsborough and hushabye brands, promising enhanced growth opportunities and market penetration,” the group said.

Nick Gigg, with a distinguished tenure of 15 years within the Airsprung Group, has been appointed as the Managing Director for all bed businesses. “Nick’s deep-rooted experience across various facets of the business uniquely positions him for this new role,” the group added. “His primary focus will be to drive operational excellence and work in tandem with Paul and the team to foster ongoing product innovation.

“It’s important to note that the individual bed businesses will maintain their distinct brands and market position; however, Nick Gigg will actively seek out further opportunities for synergies across critical functions, including IT, supply chain, and marketing. This commitment to cross-functional cooperation aims to maximise operational efficiencies and further enhance the Group’s overall competitiveness.

“Airsprung Group PLC’s strategic restructuring signifies a bold step towards harnessing the potential across the whole group. These key leadership appointments are set to propel the company’s growth trajectory, enhance operational effectiveness, and continue its legacy of innovation in the bedding industry.”

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