A milestone year for GNG

Richard Gretton, Commercial Director of GNG Group, sits down with Big Furniture Group in a Q&A that shares an insight into the past year, future plans and significant milestones achieved.

How has business been this year?

It has been another really good year for GNG Group – financial results for our full year were significantly ahead of last year, thanks to the growth of our Unity range and the introduction of KomfiMed.

Our agent team has done a brilliant job of driving organic growth and generating new account openings. Looking ahead, our new financial year from September 1st seems set to continue in a similar vein.

What challenges have you had to overcome?

There has obviously been an impact from reduced disposable income which has affected all big-ticket items. We have kept a close eye on NPD and tried to ensure that we have the right offer to meet the needs of the domestic market with a selection of affordable options.

The early part of the year saw challenges around foam availability, but we have been determined to continue with our use of ‘Ecofoam’ and to major on its recycled and recyclable credentials in all of our offers.

What significant milestones has the company achieved this year?

I was really proud that in the first showing of our new range, KomfiMed, we were finalists in the Bed Product of the Year category at the recent NBF Awards. This further demonstrated that the unique combination of medically proven foam, TrueGel technology and the use of sustainable materials such as Ecofoam are resonating with retailers. We now have nearly 100 floor models in place and on the way, with a flow of repeat consumer orders coming in.

We have also seen further expansion of capacity at our purpose-built 40,000sq ft Normanton factory, including increasing shifts, to enable us to cope with growing demand.

Can you share any recent investments the company has made?

Our latest investment has seen the addition of a second mattress line which is four times faster than our traditional line.

As well as a new automatic mattress zipper cover filling machine, we’ve also invested in one of the latest gluing machines, with this new and innovative machinery helping us to meet growing demand and continue to be at the forefront of UK mattress manufacturing.

Can you provide further insight into addressing lower carbon footprint?

We are always exploring new materials and methods, and strengthening our CSR strategy to ensure that sustainability and our carbon footprint are at the heart of how we manufacture, source and deliver. Our aim is to continue to grow the use of Ecofoam in all that we create and produce, whether it be for the consumer or the contract market. Also, with the introduction of new methods and machinery, we continue to ensure that we limit any footprint.

Is there anything in the pipeline you can reveal?

There is lots to come across multiple sectors, but safe to say it will be innovative, have attention to detail and sustainability at its core. As you would expect, we will also continue to offer great value and comfort to the consumer, and with clear simple messages for our retail partners.

What does the company have planned for 2024?

We have a number of significant new product introductions underway that will continue to build and grow our product and pricing architecture – all with an eye to innovation and value. Similarly, we will be seeking to further increase capacity and efficiency to meet demand.

A final thought?

Only to say to expect more from GNG across our ranges whether they be Komfi, KomfiMed, our Active Kids ranges and the Sonlevo brand, or other innovative brands stories that we create.


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