Appointment of Liquidators

Name of Company: IT IDEAS (GB) LTD

Company Number: 06966649

Company Type: Registered Company

Nature of the business: Retail of furniture, lighting, and similar (not musical instruments or scores), Business and domestic software development, Video production activities, Other software publishing

Type of Liquidation: Creditors’ Voluntary

Registered office: Pure Offices, Broadwell Road, Oldbury B69 4BY

Principal trading address: 14 Sunningdale Road, Bromsgrove B61 7NN

Office Holder/s: Richard Hunt, of SFP Restructuring Limited and, 9, Ensign House, London, . E14 9XQ ., Telephone: 020 7538 2222, Email address:

Office Holder Number/s: 21772

Date of appointment: 18 December 2023

By whom Appointed: Members and Creditors

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