Bank owed £50k as online retailer closes

Online furniture retailer Bonsoni has been placed into liquidation.

Constantinos Pedhiou and Yiannis Koumettou, both of Begbies Traynor (Central) LLP, were appointed as joint liquidators of Bonsoni Ltd on 12 April 2022.

According to filed documents on Companies House, the business owed unsecured creditors £60,000, with the majority being owed to HSBC bank at just over £50,000. The HMRC is owed £6,800.

It is expected that the HMRC will recover around £5,000 from company assets, while the remaining creditors will suffer a shortfall of the entire amount.

Bonsoni, which has been established since 2010 and sources products from South America, India and Far East Asia, has suspended its website, although the URL remains live with a message over a hacking breach.

“Following the hack of our website, we are fixing a few stuff. We’ll be back soon,” it says.

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