Emma opens sixth global office in Romania

Mattress brand Emma – The Sleep Company has announced the opening of its sixth global office in Bucharest.

The firm, which reported an annual turnover of over €645m in 2021, has created more than 20 jobs in multiple areas, including creative, HR, finance, accounting, operations, and global mobility, with many more forecasted in upcoming years. 

Present in more than 30 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, the new office is part of Emma’s global expansion strategy.

Manuel Mueller, co-founder and CEO of Emma – The Sleep Company, said: “After careful consideration, we chose Bucharest city centre as the location for our sixth Emma office. It will be part of a co-working space, well connected to public transportation, enabling employees to enjoy the advantages this area offers.

“Our organisational culture is oriented around collaboration, creativity, and teamwork, which is supported by our working style, as well as after-work activities and team building. In Bucharest, we will actively develop a network, organize events, conferences, and debates, to foster a spirit of knowledge exchange and entrepreneurialism, helping others to grow with us.”

Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi, co-founder and CEO Emma – The Sleep Company, added: “With more than 800 million EUR in revenue forecast by the end of 2022, we look to new markets to support our growth ambitions. We believe that our rapid growth can be sustained through people who believe in the company mission.

“We chose Bucharest because we understand how many talented, driven, and highly-skilled people this city has. Emma is a company that adapts to every new context and is not limited geographically. By the end of this year, we will hire our first Romanian-based Emmies, and by the end of 2023, we want to have at least 20 employees in the Romanian division.”

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